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CNERO Exchanges Receipts 4 Cash

IMAGINE : Paying this months food, groceries, gas, diesel fuels, hydro, rent, mortgage payments, and property taxes, car and truck payments, prescriptions, vitamins, child or elderly day care, tuition fees, clothing, electronics, plus travel and vacation and home or business office and inventory supplies plus any monthly bills this month, with money you earned from SELLING the Receipts you got from paying those bills last month.

Do you know anyone who has a receipt? If they have a receipt, they have CASH in their hand!

CNERO is a Information Marketing Business that buys receipts, to gather information to SELL to companies to track products or services  trending in areas they  market to.

CNERO gives people a way to Recycle, Restore and Reuse their money  by SELLING their receipts to CNERO. With the NEW CASH, they can purchase NEW products or services from their local merchants and SELL those new receipts to CNERO and repeat the process as many times as they like.


CNERO Buys Receipts

SELL your Receipts for 100% of the receipt value less tax. “A receipt is a paid invoice by cash, by debit card, credit card, cheque or preauthorized payment.”

CNERO SELLS Information

By SELLING Receipt information from your Receipts, CNERO is able to pay back 100% of the Receipts value (less taxes).

Exchange APGR Points to Cash

SELLING your buying habits is a great way to earn APGR Points money without selling your privacy. APGR Points exchange on a 1 to 1 US$ value in your currency.


Register for a FREE: CNERO Trade Center to start UPLOADING your receipts to earn 100% of the receipt value back, so you can go shopping again with the earned money from the sale of your receipts to purchase new groceries, fuel or products you want or need. You are now in control of your future!

SELL every “RECEIPT”: Participants receive great value from UPLOADED Receipts by shopping at their local merchants. Participants have a way to take control of their financial well being by earning APGR Points money, CNERO Bonus Reward Points and CNERO Gift Cards. CNERO Participants purchase a onetime CNERO UNLIMITED Receipt Plan that gives Constant Never Ending Repeat Orders of products and services through the APGR Business Product Sales cycles to Restore, Recycle and Reuse their money.

The purchase of an UNLIMITED Receipt Plan includes a FREE CNERO Trade Center to track your APGR Points money from you UPLOADING your Receipts.

STEP 1:    UNLIMITED Receipt Plans

When you purchase a CNERO UNLIMITED Receipt Plan, you are qualified to go shopping at any merchant.

ALL merchants, retailers or other business that offer receipts are deemed to supply Product or Service receipts which are qualified for the CNERO Receipts 4 Cash Plans worldwide.

STEP 2:     SELL Your Receipts     

Your Receipts have value! Until now there was no way for you to restore the money value in your receipts.

CNERO has made it possible for you to SELL your receipts to CNERO for 100% of the receipts value for APGR Points Money which can be exchanged on a 1:1 USD exchange rate in the currency of your country.

STEP 3:   The CNERO 3 R’s

Recycle, Restore & Reuse you Money

Once you have purchased your product from a merchant, you SELL your RECEIPT to CNERO as proof of the product purchased.

You receive APGR Points Money for the receipt which you have instant access to. When you first start it will take some time to build up your APGR Points. You can watch your APGR Points grow with each Receipt UPLOAD and you can manage your e-Wallet  to exchange them for the currency of your country.

Claim the Money in Your Receipts!

Start SELLING Your Receipts NOW!

Never leave a receipt on the table!

Every receipt not UPLOADED is money lost!

UPLOAD 250 USD worth of Receipts for $199.00 USD in the 
UNLIMITED Receipt Plan 250
Thanks CNERO, the feeling I get each time I UPLOAD my Receipts makes me feel alive and free knowing I will be able to Exchange my APGR Points Money and spend the cash again.
Larry John
CNERO Participant

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